Old Soul Young Blood, LLC is a moto-inspired lifestyle brand that celebrates vintage design and classic style. OSYB’s hard goods, apparel, and accessories faithfully reflect our respect for heritage and tradition – the brand represents a culture; a community of souls who collectively share this love and appreciation.

Our Partners

In addition to our own products, we’ve carefully chosen a select short-list of brands, independent designers and specialty shops that we feel dependably represent Old Soul Young Blood’s style and sensibilities – superior products that will support and enhance your overall brand experience.


We can’t wait to see what the future will hold for us, as well as for our fellow supporters, brands, artists and builders. We’re glad you’re on-board for the journey!

Juan Rosal – President and Co-Founder

Ricky Rosal – CEO and Co-Founder

Luis Nagaki – IT and Technology Development

“Fearless Souls flying high, realizing their vision and seeing their dreams come to life, one nut-and-bolt at a time.“


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